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    Never run out of delicious, pasture-raised chicken!

    Enjoy the convenience of your chicken orders being on auto pilot and feed your family healthy, flavorful meals all year long with Chicken for the Year delivered fresh to you.

    Tired of supermarket chicken with questionable origins and bland taste? Our "Chicken for the Year" bundle delivers the solution: nutritious, humanely raised chicken that range on lush pastures, resulting in exceptional flavor and quality.

      • Guaranteed access: Secure your supply of our popular whole chickens and avoid the disappointment of sold-out stock.
      • Convenient delivery: Receive smaller shipments every other month, eliminating freezer overload and ensuring freshness.
      • Family-friendly portions: Choose the bundle size that fits your household needs, with options for both large and small households.
      • Sustainable eating: Feel good knowing you're supporting farms that prioritize animal welfare and environmental responsibility.
      • Healthier choice: Support yours and your family's well-being with chickens raised without antibiotics or hormones, and fed a natural diet.


    🍗 Big Bundle:  Invest in a year of healthy eating for only $997! Includes 48 whole chickens broken into six deliveries of eight chickens each

    🍗 Little Bundle:  Enjoy convenient freshness for $499. Includes 24 whole chickens broken into six deliveries of four chickens each

    Each whole chicken will be vacuum sealed and frozen. You will be notified ahead of your first order which will be available after our first harvest day around the end of April. 

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